onsdag 31 augusti 2011

söndag 28 augusti 2011

lördag 27 augusti 2011

Granny´s Dancing on the Table - The pilot

I´m Building the restaurant-set for the animation part of the pilot to Granny´s Dancing on the Table. It is starting to take form and I can´t wait to start animating :)

The restaurant takes shape
A white wedding?

After many hours I have 14 identical chairs

Starting up the glue-factory assembly line

Now for all the chairs. I cut all the pieces.
Kind of looks like an miniature Ikea

Starting to look like a restaurant

..and the vaults

Started with the walls..


Continue to paint the floor

Seven tables ready
Starting to look like tables

Gluing the pieces together

Happy with the result I manufactured 
the pieces on the assembly line
Took a paus from the floor and buildt 
the prototypes for the tables and chairs

First half finished

checked out the black tiles,
and started to paint

Built the set-floor, white primer